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Corvette Stingray Art Car Stars in $400K Auction

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Proceeds will be donated to Detroit's Museum of Contemporary Art.

When it comes to raising money for a museum that focuses on contemporary art and which is located in the Motor City, what could be a better than a one-off Corvette Stingray art car? The unique Vette was painted by three employees in GM's design department - Casey Swanseger, 30, Tyler Mars, 28 and Haneif Katebi, 25. The three started off with a white wrapped 2014 Stingray, using acrylic, water-soluble paints to produce this final project car that will certainly turn some heads on Detroit's streets.

The Stingray, however, was not included in the auction and will be on display at the museum for a period of time following the event. The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) gala fundraiser raised $400,000 with over 200 lots going under the hammer.

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