Corvette Stingray is Green Friendly(ish)

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Concerned about the environment but still want supercar performance? Here's your answer.

If you're already a Corvette fan boy (and there are plenty) then this latest titbit of C7 Stingray news will just be another reason for you to love the car even more. And for those on the market for a fuel efficient high-performance sports car, the old plastic fantastic is something they could easily learn to love. Especially as Chevrolet has just revealed the 2014 Corvette Stingray will deliver an EPA-estimated 17/29 mpg city/highway, thus making the new 455 horsepower Vette the most fuel efficient sports car on the market today.

Now, it's important to note a few things: these EPA estimates are for the Corvette when equipped with the new seven-speed manual gearbox. In addition, this estimate reflects an average fuel economy in both the default "Tour" mode (28 mpg highway) and driver-selectable "Eco" mode (30 mpg highway). Eco mode also enables Active Fuel Management, the system which disables four of the engine's eight cylinders during light loads. No word just yet on Corvettes equipped with the six-speed paddleshift automatic, but we suspect it will be pretty thirsty.

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