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Corvette Stingray Still a Bargain Even in the UK

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When compared to other high-performance sports cars in the UK, the new Corvette Stingray is still a bargain.

From the design and planning phase get-go, Chevrolet had plans to sell its all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray in overseas markets, specifically the UK. While American sports cars may not be quite as popular in European and even Chinese markets, Chevy is more than willing to bet the new Vette will find an audience. And having announced official UK pricing for the Corvette Stingray it appears, just like in the good old US of A, the car will be a high-performance bargain compared to other high-priced supercars in the country.

UK buyers will be asked to throw down £61,495 for the price of entry, which is about £1,500 less than the C6. Interestingly, UK models will automatically be fitted with the Z51 Performance Package, but that's certainly no bad thing. It'll just force UK owners to have an upgraded suspension, aero package, an electronically controlled limited-slip differential and larger wheels and brakes. Other options include metallic paint, black aluminum wheels and a nav system. To dispel any rumors, the Corvette Stingray won't be available in right-hand drive, period. It will solely be a left-hand drive machine. Hey, it's the all-American sports car after all and is still cheaper than a Ferrari California and Aston Martin DB9.

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