Corvette Stingray Will Serve as Styling Inspiration to Future Chevrolets

Question is, how will this affect the next Camaro?

Take a good look at the C7 Corvette Stingray. Like what you see? Hate certain design aspects? Whatever your thoughts are, Chevrolet has decided to use the latest Corvette’s styling as inspiration for its future mainstream models. General Motors global design boss, Ed Welburn, recently confirmed this plan to Automotive News, stating that the Corvette’s design DNA will be infused in the next-gen Malibu, Cruze and Volt. "I always look at the hood of the Corvette and the sectioning, the way it’s taught, very lean, very sporty," stated Welburn.

“That will be a part of really everything we do for Chevrolet.” Which specific C7 design traits will make it to those aforementioned models? Welburn strongly hinted at the Corvette’s newly squared-off taillights as just one example. Some Vette purists still aren’t happy about the new rear look, but Chevy is intent on leveraging that edgier styling to the max. Welburn pointed out that "in the past we never really took advantage of iconic vehicles like Camaro and Corvette the way we are today."

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