Corvette Taillights On A Camaro Look Awesome

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Some aftermarket mods suck - this one doesn't.

The Chevrolet Camaro has almost been forgotten with all the news you see on a daily basis about the Corvette, but fans of the big, front-engined coupe haven't been. Chevy recently announced that the new model will come with a Rapid Blue paint option that was previously reserved for the C8 Corvette. Those who like the Camaro but think it deserves to share more with the 'Vette will be pleased to know that a factory option paint finish isn't the only way to bring their Camaros closer to the C8 in terms of styling, thanks to a new taillight offering from Auto Addict.

Auto Addict

As you can see, the aftermarket taillights feature a sharp and aggressive design and are complete with gloss black and red or just smoked lenses for the full C8 effect. The company distributing these lights shows them off on a very aggressively modified Camaro with a massive chassis-mounted rear wing, but as you can see from the video, the lights look just as much at home on a relatively stock car as on one that is wildly altered.

Another plus to these lights is that they can be fitted at home and don't need extensive technical knowledge for installation. With the right tools, fitment takes just a few minutes.

Auto Addict
Auto Addict
Auto Addict

Often, we come across some very attractive modifications, some very ugly modifications, and some that make very little impact, but these lights have the perfect blend of subtlety and style. So what about cost? Well, they aren't dirt cheap, but they won't break the bank either, with the distributor listing them at $825. They're currently on some sort of special too, so you'll only pay $724.98 at the moment. However, these are a recently released offering, so we can't say if the quality is good based just on photos and video, but hey, at least they work well and seem to fit seamlessly.

Auto Addict
Auto Addict

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