Corvette Tows a Baby Corvette

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The Corvette has some utility function after all.

Is it possible, or even a good idea, to have Corvette tow another car? Under normal circumstances, we'd say no. That's what pickups and SUVs are for. But it seems that the owner/driver of this C5 Corvette has found proper use of his car's (limited) towing capacity. Yes, he is towing a miniature 'Vette. For whatever reasons, we're not sure, but it still makes for a great picture. It's possible that the junior car is simply a model for display, but it'd be even better if it were something like an RC car or something of the sort.

Either way, it's still a humorous display that would certainly get any passing driver's attention. And if you look closely enough, you'll notice the smaller car is a C6 Z06 model. Just another detail us car guys (and girls) have a tendency to pick up.

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