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Corvette Tuner Gives Ferrari Portofino Serious Upgrades

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A widebody kit and power hike make for a rather impressive package

The Ferrari Portofino recently replaced the 'entry-level' California T, a car that was at times accused of being a bit too soft compared to the Maranello manufacturer's usual offerings. With its uprated 591-horsepower 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8, sharper handling characteristics and more aggressive styling, the Portofino put an end to that kind of talk but Loma Tuning clearly thinks that more can be done.

That is why they have developed the LP-740 2.0 widebody kit specifically for the Portofino. Loma has over ten years of experience creating lightweight forged wheels and widebody kits for Corvettes. The Ferrari kit is a new design and comprises of redesigned front air intakes, front lip and apron all in carbon fiber.

The carbon-fiber theme continues along the sides with an integrated air shaft leading to the rear of the car where a new diffuser, rear wing, and subtle trim pieces round off the design. The wider arches house a choice of Loma designed forged wheels in either 20 or 21-inch sizes and the whole car sits about an inch closer to the ground.

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That name might sound a little too close to Lamborghini's own Aventador but the kit's design is totally unique and the only similarity between an actual Aventador LP-740 and this Portofino is in the performance figures. Thanks to some engine remapping and a sports exhaust system, the 0-62 mph time has been cut from 3.5 to 3.1 seconds and the Portofino can now hit 212 mph (up from 199 mph).

Loma hasn't released exact power figures yet but those sorts of figures hint at a 20 percent increase over the standard cars 591 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque. It is unlikely that anyone will be calling those numbers soft, Loma has already begun taking orders for its LP-740 2.0 kits and deliveries should begin early in 2019.