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Corvette V8-Powered Countach Replica Can Be Yours

How much would you pay for a fake Lamborghini?

Sad to say, but chances are pretty slim you’ll own a Lamborghini Countach in your lifetime. A little over 2,000 units were made and they’re all highly collectible and ridiculously expensive. If you’re really desperate enough and still lack the cash, there’s always the replica market. Supercar replicas range from embarrassingly bad to pretty damn good. You be the judge on this one: an uncompleted Countach replica is up for sale, and it’s powered by a 5.2-liter LS1 Corvette V8.

Other Corvette organs include the brake system, hubs, spindles, control arms, clutch, pedal system, and rack and pinion steering, while the gearbox is a six-speed manual from a Porsche Boxster. It does have a custom-built chassis, though. The seller/builder also includes a sizeable to-do list, with an estimated 320 working hours required to complete the car. The guy claims it can be fully street legal upon completion, and that he’s invested over $48,000 in parts and labor. The asking price is $24,000. That’s quite a chunk of change for any replica. Still, the body itself looks pretty good, and it’s definitely a labor of love. But nothing can replace the real deal.

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