Corvette, Viper, McLaren and Maserati Crash on Same Stretch of Autobahn

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The supercar carnage took place within a two-day period.

Within a period of just two days, a Chevy Corvette, a Dodge Viper ACR and a McLaren MP4-12C all crashed on the same stretch of Autobahn near the center of Germany.

The trio of supercars all met their sorry fate due to that most dangerous of cocktails: high speed and wet weather. It also appears that during the past week a Maserati GranTurismo crashed on the same stretch of the A7, the driver of which had only bought the car a few hours previously. The next car to fall foul of driving in the wet on a road with no speed restrictions was the MP4-12C, which was being piloted by a 27-year-old. That took place on Friday. On the Saturday, the driver of a 612hp Dodge Viper ACR rental crashed having signed off on the car just three hours beforehand.

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A couple of hours later and the Corvette was the final victim to this patently dangerous stretch of German road. According to Hersfelder Zeitung, no-one was seriously injured in any of the crashes although the McLaren was confirmed as a write-off and the Maserati looks to be going that way too.

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