Corvette ZR1 by Geiger

German tuning house adds and extra 100 hp and 100 lb-ft of torque to the already brutal ZR1.

The latest performance package to emanate from Geiger Cars is based on the most extreme Corvette ever made, the ZR1. Deeming its 638 horsepower and 604 pound-feet of torque to be insufficient, the Bavarian tuning house went about adding 100 more horses and an equal measure of torque by modifying the cylinder heads, camshafts and pistons, and optimizing the air intake system, exhaust and intercoolers. The result of all that tweaking is a new top speed of 209 mph, up from 205.

For the Geiger ZR1 to better cope with all that added power, changes were made to its aerodynamics and suspension system. A pair of Recaro race seats ensures pilot and passenger are kept well in place while rowing through the gears and ripping around corners, and the lethal transformation is confirmed with the skull graphics taken from the Corvette Racing team added to the hood and back. As tempting as Geiger's ZR1 may be, its price tag of 234,788 Euros is sure to make a few potential buyers think twice. And here people whinced at the ZR1 when it debuted in the first place with its hundred-thousand-dollar price tag.

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