Cosa Design Adds Its Touches to the Lamborghini Gallardo

Cosa Design gives the Lamborghini Gallardo some performance and appearance enhancements.

The latest body kit from Cosa Design for the Lamborghini Gallardo may offend some and bring tears of envy to others. The new look features a redesigned rear apron that includes a custom diffuser, stainless steel exhaust, two types of exhaust rear muffler tips, a new front bumper, side skirts and a massive rear spoiler. Some may like the Reventon-styled look, but we predict most will think the kit interferes with the Gallardo's normally graceful lines.

Under the hood lies a 5.0-liter V10 engine that gets a power increase from 493hp and 376 lb-ft of torque to 533hp and 406 lb-ft. The tuner has also included a set of 20-inch wheels wrapped in Continental Sport Contact tires. Also added was a special coilover suspension that allows adjustment of height and stiffness. No pricing for the package has been announced.

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