Cosworth Is Setting Up Shop In Detroit Because V8s Still Matter

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Hybrids and EVs are not on the list.

The death of the V8 engine has been greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain. As automakers continue to downsize their engines and then add a turbo or two, fans of the naturally aspirated V8 have every right to worry. For example, even the new Ford GT is powered by a twin-turbo V6. But now, according to Automotive News, there's some new hope. Cosworth, the renowned English engine builder and electronics supplier for high-performance cars, has announced plans to open a $30 million production plant in Detroit, Michigan.

What's more, Cosworth will be supplying V8s to a so far unnamed manufacturer. If all goes to plan, the new facility will be up and running in 2018. It'll also be configured so that it can produce parts for different customers in the years ahead. Cosworth claimed it chose Michigan for its new facility over another site in Indiana and that up to 110 jobs will be created. But the big mystery is which automaker will be the beneficiary of Cosworth's V8s? Could it be one of the Big Three in the Motor City? Our best guess is that it's Ford. For the record, Cosworth also supplies flat-sixes to Singer Vehicle Design for its unique line of 911s.

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