Could a Mercedes SLK Coupe be a Proper Porsche Cayman Fighter?

We'd definitely be interested in finding out.

Now that the Porsche Cayman and Jaguar F-Type coupe exist, there’s apparently a proven market for premium two-door hard tops. We’re not talking about retractable hard tops, but fully-fledged fixed roofs. Some purists even claim a true sports car has a fixed roof for proper rigidity. Whatever the case, both Porsche and Jaguar are making money off their respective coupes, and it’s an intriguing question whether or not other brands will follow in pursuit of the cash. One possibility is Mercedes-Benz and its SLK roadster.

A complete redesign is just around the corner as well as a name change: SLC. And rendering artist Theophilus Chin decided to take a crack at what a possible SLK/SLC hardtop coupe would look like. Based on these images, decent is a good word to use here. We particularly like the rear three-quarter angle, but the overall shape, in our opinion, could use some work. Mercedes hasn’t signaled any plans for a SLC Coupe, but we’d definitely be interested in seeing what the final result could turn out to be.

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