Could A New Ford Fiesta Rival Help Save Mitsubishi?

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This could be the best Mitsubishi news that we've heard in a while.

Mitsubishi recently revealed its plan to regain relevance in the US. The carmaker's main focus will be on crossovers and hybrids, but there are other new models in the works. According to Auto Express, Mitsubishi is working on a small car that will rival the Ford Fiesta. Mitsubishi is now a part of the Renault-Nissan alliance, so this new supermini would likely share a platform with the Renault Clio and Nissan Micra. We aren't sure about the company's plans in the US, but this new car would replace the current Mirage in Europe.


Mitsubishi's vice-president and product planning head Vincent Cobee said that "Designing and building a bespoke platform is expensive, and the margins in the small car sector are smaller. So are we looking to use Renault and Nissan platforms in that segment? The answer is yes." The Clio is expected to be replaced in 2018, so Mitsubishi could borrow the platform along with the new three-cylinder turbocharged engine. This gives us some hope that Mitsubishi could finally bring back a car for enthusiasts. The Clio has always had a sporty version, so perhaps Mitsubishi could end up building something not quite as dull as the current Mirage, which only produces a measly 74 horsepower.

We'd love to see Mitsubishi come out with a Fiesta ST-rivaling hot hatchback, but with the Fiesta soon to be discontinued in the US, this seems like an unlikely possibility. Mitsubishi's current UK boss Lance Bradley says that he expects an all-electric variant of the next Mirage, which seems more in line with the rest of the company's plans. Another option for Mitsubishi is to bring back the Colt name, which was discontinued in the UK back in 2013. Its chances are slim, but perhaps the new Mirage may actually give enthusiasts a reason to pay attention to Mitsubishi again.


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