Could a New RWD Sedan Replace the Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

Hyundai considers entering 3 Series territory.

In case you haven’t noticed, Hyundai is working harder than ever to move upmarket. Take one look at the all-new Genesis sedan and you’ll see what we mean. Even the new Sonata has a more mature look than before. But what we’re still waiting to hear more about is the replacement for the Genesis Coupe. Previous rumors suggested that not only will it return, but that a V8 option is possible. However, that’s why they’re called rumors.

A new report coming from Car Advice is claiming that Hyundai is now interested in developing a small rear-wheel-drive sedan that would fill the slot below the Genesis. Think of it as a potential BMW 3 Series fighter. If that car is given the production green light, what does that mean for the next-gen Genesis Coupe? More than likely, it would be given the axe entirely. However, it’s certainly possible that a two-door version of the IK is developed instead. For now though, the current Genesis Coupe soldiers on with recently added updates and refreshed styling. Again, none of this is official yet, but a mid-size RWD Hyundai sedan sounds like it may be the better business case.

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