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Could An Electric Porsche 911 End Up Looking Like This?

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An electrified 911 is coming, but what will it be like?

Only a handful of lucky people have been given seat time in the highly anticipated Porsche Mission E. The Mission E has been shown off numerous times in varying levels of production readiness, the most recent being the Mission E Cross Turismo. While we eagerly await the arrival of the Mission E, Porsche is also hard at work to develop plug-in versions of the upcoming 992 generation 911. An entry-level plug-in version could slot in right above the base Carrera, while a second range-topping version could be the most powerful 911 variant.

Thus far, we have only seen various spyshots of the next generation 911, which leaves a lot of speculation on what the car will ultimately look like. A rendering artist by the name of Dijan Hristov has imagined what a future hybrid or electric 911 could look like using styling cues from the Mission E. The renderings are clearly based on the current 911, so the overall shape doesn't differ too greatly from the sports car we all know and love. The headlights are clearly unique, and differ from anything we've seen on a production 911. We don't know how functional these headlights would be in the real world, but this is a rendering after all.

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The rear design would also be a bit impractical, because the artist hasn't given the car a rear window. Clearly these designs are not intended to reach production, but are simply to help imagine Mission E cues on the 911. We happen to love the rear design, which shows a bit of inspiration from the Bugatti Chiron to our eyes. If this is how a future 911 hybrid looked, would you be happy?