Could Buick Styling Inspire Future Bentleys?


Buy a Buick instead of...a Bentley?

From the moment we first saw the Buick Avenir concept we knew we wanted it to make production. It makes the existing LaCrosse look dated. Word has it that Bentley wants a somewhat smaller, four-door coupe in the near future. Considering just how popular the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and BMW 6 Series have become, this is probably a pretty smart idea. And if you think about it, the Buick Avenir's size and overall packaging may just be what Bentley is looking for.

Obviously Bentley would never, ever rebadge a GM product as its own, but perhaps Buick has done such an amazing job here that it literally beat Bentley to the punch. Just take a look at this latest rendering from Theophilus Chin. He took the Avenir and applied Bentley-inspired front and rear end styling. The result actually looks pretty good. Point being is that Buick has a future winner on its hands. A production-spec Avenir could be for those with Bentley dreams but more down to earth bank accounts.

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