Could Cadillac be the Answer to Holden's RWD Future?

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Now this could turn out to be a very realistic solution.

Holden won't be the same brand in a few years' time. The reason is that Australia will no longer be the home of Holden manufacturing, bringing into serious doubt the future of the beloved Commodore, the rear-wheel-drive sedan that's sold and imported to the US as the Chevrolet SS. While there was a previous rumor about a new Chinese-designed and built FWD Commodore, Car Advice recently spoke with Cadillac's new marketing chief and there may be some hope after all.

According to Uwe Ellinghaus, who came from BMW, GM hasn't shut the door entirely to the possibility that a Cadillac rear-wheel-drive platform could serve as the basis for a future Commodore and Chevy SS. However, Ellinghaus was adamant that this Holden would not be a rebadged Cadillac. "We are not going back to badge engineering… Customers are not dumb, they are cosmopolitan, they travel the world and find the same car under the same brand name. Been there, done that, not going there again," stated Ellinghaus. Ironically enough, if a plan like this were to materialize, the Commodore would be imported to Australia from the US and not the other way around as per the current situation.

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