Could Driverless Cars Become Lethal Weapons?

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The FBI certainly thinks so.

At the moment, driverless cars are still in the prototype phase. But if the technology keeps growing at the current pace, it's entirely possible they'll become commonplace within the next couple of decades, if even that long. Obviously some will be thrilled by this, and others, mainly gearheads and car enthusiasts, won't. But for the technology buffs that can't wait for their car to drive itself, the American FBI wants you to know something.

According to a new story coming from the Guardian, an unclassified FBI report predicts that autonomous cars "will have a high impact on transforming what both law enforcement and its adversaries can operationally do with a car." It further notes that "bad actors will be able to conduct tasks that require use of both hands or taking one's eyes off the road which would be impossible today." Simply put, the FBI is concerned that criminals could use a driverless car as a getaway vehicle and then shoot at their police pursuers without any concern for keeping their eyes on the road. That's just one example.

The FBI's main concern here is that "autonomy...will make mobility more efficient, but will also open up greater possibilities for dual-use applications and ways for a car to be more of a potential lethal weapon that it is today." Perhaps the best solution here is to ditch driverless car entirely. We wouldn't be entirely opposed.

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