Could Ferrari Now Build More LaFerraris?

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If new chairman Sergio Marchionne has his way then who knows.

With Luca di Montezemolo on his way out as Ferrari chairman after 23 years at the helm, there could be some major changes ahead. For starters, incoming chairman Sergio Marchionne needs to get the Ferrari Formula 1 team under control. That is, it needs to win again. It hasn't won a world championship since 2008. But there's another issue that Marchionne will likely tackle: production. He never liked di Montezemolo's 7,000-unit annual production cap. There are many more rich people out there than that wanting Ferraris.

Demand is insanely high these days and Marchionne wants those rich guys to be happy. One model that's in particularly high demand is the LaFerrari. Just 499 units were planned at a price of $1.3 million a pop, and Marchionne knows there are still plenty of eager buyers who missed out. Yes, the LaFerrari Spider and FXX are due to arrive in 2015, but there are reports that some people are currently paying double the price for a LaFerrari coupe in the lightly used market. Can Marchionne resist the temptation for additional profits over potentially jeopardizing Ferrari's exclusivity status? If additional LaFerrari coupes are built then we'll have our answer.

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