Could it be Making a Return? Buick Trademarks 'Riviera' Name


Buick continues to thrive and a new Riviera certainly wouldn't hurt either.

Buick has been doing quite well lately. Considering that just a few years ago their lineup consisted of cars that appealed mainly to the over 65 crowd, the brand has managed to turn their image and cars into something that appeals to people who have many decades left to live. With models such as the Regal GS, it's clear that Buick has the ability to offer cars with some solid performance numbers and the idea of a reborn Riviera coupe has certainly crossed many peoples' minds as well.

According to a report coming from GM Inside News, Buick has recently filed to trademark the Riviera name to be used on a future model. If anyone can recall the gorgeous 2007 Riviera concept (which clearly previewed Buick's latest styling language), we're holding out hope that GM has finally given it the green light for production. At the time of the concept's debut, GM was about to enter the worst time of its life and was already losing so much money that it must have made MC Hammer blush. Now that bankruptcy is behind them and they're profitable again, the money and incentive are there to bring models such as a new Riviera to market.

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Buick is also looking to be a competitor to the likes of Lexus and Audi, so by offering a luxury coupe with solid name equity seems like a no-brainer. GM Inside News also reports that it's possible the car will be built on the rear-drive Alpha platform. Another possibility, however, is that it could be on the front-drive Epsilon platform, on which the 2007 concept was based. Nothing is official for now, but this is yet another clear sign that Buick has some great product in the making. Photos displayed are of the 2007 Buick Riviera Concept