Could Nissan's Gripz Concept Be A Shocking Preview Of The Next Z Car?


It looks crazy but trust us that it's awesome.

The Nissan Gripz is a retro-futuristic crossover concept that, in Nissan’s words, “points to an innovative new future for the brand.” It is inspired by the versatility of both the classic 240Z and racing bicycles. Wait, how are these two things linked? Remember that back in the day the 240Z wasn’t just a sports car but also a rally racer. Nissan sees the same versatility in racing bikes, noting that you could ride one to work and then go off on an adventure with it after hours. Whether you choose to do so or not is your prerogative.

To prove that it’s adventurous, Nissan cooked up this fun little video showing just what Gripz could do if let loose in an abandoned city.

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Gripz looks proportionally similar to the Juke but the two CUVs are different. This concept is shorter and lower to the ground, although it is wider. It has 22-inch tires inspired by those on racing bicycles. Nissan went a bit nuts with the cycling theme as the entire interior is inspired by racing bikes. Just look at the steering wheel and those seats! Powering Gripz is a gas engine and the electric motor from the Leaf. The exterior showcases Nissan’s “emotional geometry” design language and is highlighted by its insane doors. Gripz will never see production, but the exterior design features could point to the future of the Juke, or a new model entirely. We can’t say we’d be mad at a 240Z-inspired CUV. Would you?