Could Porsche Put Tesla On Notice By Bringing An Electric Car To Frankfurt?

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The electric Porsche could finally, finally debut.

Remember the Porsche Pajun? We can't blame you if you don't. It seems like the electric Porsche concept has been talked about for years but never has it shown itself in physical form. However, now that electric cars are cool it seems like Porsche is ready to step up to the plate, at least according to L'Automobile. The French auto site is reporting that the Pajun will be coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show as a "connected" study.

As we know it, the Pajun is meant to be smaller than the Panamera and be solely electric. Other than that, we don't know much. Tesla doesn't really have a rival when it comes to awesome electric cars, but Porsche could be looking to change that this fall. If the automaker does decide to come at the king it best not miss. A rolling chassis isn't exactly what folks want to see after years of speculation and development.


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