Could Ram Be On Track To Beat The Silverado For The First Time Ever?

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This could be the upset FCA has needed for so long.

There has been an upheaval in the pickup truck world, a segment you may not care much about but is undoubtedly important given that spots one, two, and three on the list of America's best-selling vehicles are the Ford F-Series, the Chevrolet Silverado, and FCA's Ram. Yes, in that order. And it's always been like that, with the F-Series remaining in the top spot for 40 years and Ram having never beaten GM in the game. However, an analysis by The Truth About Cars finds that history might be changing.


Though Chevy still clings onto its second place podium spot by a margin of 5,055 trucks, the fact that Ram has outsold the Silverado in March, April, and May puts it on target to beating Bowtie-bearing trucks by the end of 2017. The reason for the upset lies mainly with two factors. First is the fact that GM sales are lagging behind what they are expected to be, and the second is that Ram's sales are up above average, leaving the third place pick in a position to overtake. Both are still far behind Ford, which sold 76,027 trucks in May 2017 compared to 44,850 Rams and 43,804 Silverados moved during the same period. There's one big caveat to these numbers, however, and it's called the GMC Sierra.

GM's upscale version of the Silverado is never included with Chevy's sales. This past May, GMC sold 16,200 Sierra trucks in the US, bringing GM's truck total to 60,004 units, which is closer to Ford F-Series territory than to Ram's arena. GM doesn't exactly feel too great about the Sierra's omission, and justifiably so. "One should never discount the contribution of GMC to our pickup strategy," said GM spokesman Jim Cain. "It's a high-volume, premium brand and it makes a monthly comparison to Silverado alone kind of unfair. It's like we're playing with one hand tied behind our back with that analysis." Regardless of whether or not you think Ram won, at least FCA can celebrate that its truck segment seems to be capturing America's hearts and minds.

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