Could Subaru Create an STI Sub-Brand?

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If it did, some major design improvements are needed.

The newly launched Subaru WRX STI is truly a force to be reckoned with. In fact, it doesn't have any one true competitor. The Mitsubishi Evo, as great as it is, is seriously dated when compared to the Subie, and its future remains far from certain. And now that Subaru also has the BRZ in the lineup, the possibility for an eventual STI sub-brand suddenly seems more doable than ever. Thing is, there's still no BRZ STI on sale yet.

If there were to be one (and we're still willing to bet there will), Subaru is now reportedly considering to evolve STI into a performance subdivision on par with Nissan's Nismo. A Subaru official recently said at Geneva that although there are no specific plans in place, an STI brand could be "a good idea." Along with the WRX STI and that hopeful BRZ STI, Subaru could potentially produce a high-powered version of the Legacy. It's been done before with the four-generation 2.5GT spec, after all. Again, nothing is definite yet, but Subaru has time and again proven its performance chops. Perhaps now it's time to really put STI front and center.

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