Could Tesla's Upcoming Leaf Fighter Look Like This?

Whatever the final design will be, it'll certainly look better than the Leaf.

There is no argument: Tesla has proven that an EV can actually be a suitable daily – and cross-country – driver with its multi-award-winning Model S. It’s also a far cry in terms of styling from something like the Nissan Leaf, which does a very good job at being a golf cart with a hardtop. Along with the upcoming Model X crossover, Tesla has made clear its intention of building a smaller model that’ll compete directly with that aforementioned golf cart.

Recently Tesla admitted that the still unnamed EV will be a sedan, and rendering artist Theophilus Chin has taken a crack at coming up with a potential design for it. With inspiration taken from the Pininfarina Tata Pr1ma concept, the design has been lowered and stretched to give the car more presence. It’s still not perfect, but it’s still much prettier than the Leaf.

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