Could The BMW i8 Actually Be More Fun To Drive Than the M4?

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Nothing like a little bit of internal competition.

Technically speaking, the BMW i8 and M4 are very different types of vehicles. One is a high-tech powertrain showcase while the other is a more familiar internal combustion engine. However, both vehicles are turbocharged. More importantly, the i8 and M4 have been engineered and tuned to be driver's cars. Despite its efficiency, the i8 is no Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt. Not even close. And the M4, well, it needs little to no explanation. M-branded cars rarely do.

To make things interesting, Autocar has pitted these two currently-on-sale Bimmers against one another on the track. The goal is to see which one is quicker and more fun to drive. Following a quarter-mile drag race between the cars, this is definitely one track battle we've been waiting to see.

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