Could the BMW i8 Be the Sports Car Savior?

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It's like a Chevy Volt on steroids with a pair of cool doors.

Like Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman, we'll outright admit we're not the biggest fans of the BMW i8's exterior design. Yes, its butterfly doors are pretty cool, but the i8 needs more than that to prove it's relevant. However, dig into the details further and you'll quickly understand just how revolutionary this car is for both BMW and the sports car industry at large. With a low curb weight thanks to an abundant use of carbon fiber, the i8 has a conventional 1.5-liter engine.

Pair that with an electric motor and a stiff chassis, and you've got one hell of a 21st century sports car. BMW's i division has created something quite special here. The i8 may only be the first step, but is it possible that 'i' is the new 'M' for the modern era? Check out the video ahead to see why it's possible.

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