Could the Buick Envision Arrive in the US Next Year?

Americans love crossovers even more than the Chinese.

Previously thought to be a China-only crossover, rumor has it the Buick Envision could arrive in the US by late 2015. Larger than the hot-selling Encore but smaller than the Enclave, the five-passenger Envision features mild hybrid technology that turns off the engine while the vehicle is coasting, braking or when stopped, restarting quickly when the driver hits the gas. GM hasn’t confirmed the news just yet, but other sources are claiming it’s a done deal.

Buick is anxious to expand its US lineup in the midst of strong sales and, as we all know, Americans are buying crossovers in droves these days. Premium crossovers are especially hot and the Envision would be a solid addition to the Buick fleet. The US-spec Envision would very likely offer front- and all-wheel-drive versions, while power would come from a four-cylinder engine. Vice president of Buick-GMC sales, Duncan Aldred, told Edmunds that "We can’t confirm anything, but clearly it is a very nicely designed and executed product that is very much a Buick." What’s more is that the Envision would fill "a big segment in the US."

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