Could The Chevy Trailblazer Return in 2014?

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Does Chevy really need a new off-road capable SUV in the US? Perhaps.

The truck-based Chevy Trailblazer was discontinued back in 2009, and it seemed unlikely even then that it would be replaced. Thing is, times change as does market demand. Although it's not official at this point, an inside source who's supposedly familiar with Chevrolet's upcoming product plans claims that a new midsize SUV based on the Thai-built Trailblazer will come to the US in 2014. Chevrolet, of course, is denying this and says that there are no plans to alter its current SUV/crossover lineup.

However, the addition of the Trailblazer doesn't sound as far-fetched as one may assume. Currently built in Thailand, the seven-passenger Trailblazer debuted at the 2012 Bangkok Auto Show and is currently on sale in Brazil, the Philippines, and of course Thailand. GM is also planning to expand the Trailblazer's market to the Middle East and Australia. It's based on the same body-on-frame platform as the new and upcoming Chevy Colorado pickup. For now, Chevy is saying no, but that inside source is claiming otherwise. Who's right on this? We'll hopefully find out soon.

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