Could The Jaguar F-Type Be Joined By Another Sports Car?

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Let's hope so.

After hearing rumors for several months, Jaguar finally revealed a major facelift for the 2021 F-Type. The new 2021 model includes a refreshed exterior and interior and numerous changes under the hood. The most potent 5.0-liter supercharged V8 now produces 575 horsepower (an increase of 25 hp) in the R variant, while the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 and 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder produce 380 and 296 hp respectively.

Overall, we like the F-Type's facelift and are happy to see Jaguar continue to build a sports car. But being the greedy car enthusiasts we are, we can't help but wish the British automaker would add a second sports car to the lineup. In a recent interview with Auto Express, Jaguar's new design director Julian Thomson hinted that this could be a possibility.

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"Jaguar will always build sports cars. I'd love to do more than one," Thomson said. Even though SUVs and crossovers have dominated sales charts, Thompson believes sports cars could make a comeback as people begin to miss the enjoyment of driving.

"In this day and age of electrification and autonomous technology, a part of me thinks there may be a resurgence of people enjoying transportation for transportation's sake and driving for driving's sake," he explained. "Whether that makes the market bigger I don't know, but I think there is a threat to volume production cars and they are going to struggle to find a position on what they do. I'd hope that truly special and luxury cars, sports cars, will find a place where they have the option to be more exotic."

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When asked what type of sports car he'd like to build, Thompson explained that a powerful electric car is not what he has in mind. "Cars like the Pininfarina [Battista] and Lotus [Evija] which have sheer amounts of power are not the answer," he said. "You need to have something which you interact with and love and have that sense of connection with. I don't think that can be done through sheer power."

Jaguar is currently working on a successor for the F-Type, which is rumored to be mid-engined. When asked if the next-generation model would be co-developed with another company (like the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4), Thompson said, "It depends what that car is really and depends what you're trying to create. The industry is all about collaboration these days and we'd welcome the opportunity to do that. But it has to be a real Jaguar, I'd hate to do something where each party has to compromise to create an average result."


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