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Could The Kia Stinger Be A One-Hit Wonder?

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There's no guarantee that the Stinger will make it to a second generation.

We've made it clear, the Kia Stinger is one of our favorite cars of 2018. The Stinger offers enormous value compared to pricey German luxury cars and performance that is sure to impress. If you haven't had the chance to drive one, we highly recommend that you do - trust us, it's awesome. Yet it appears that Kia hasn't made a decision on whether the Stinger will receive a successor.

Speaking to Which Car, Kia's head of design, Gregory Guilliame, admitted that a second generation Stinger would only happen if the first generation is a huge sales success.

"Whether there will be a replacement is too early to say," said Guilliame. "We are in a company that even if they understand the potential value of this brand-building object, we still have to be economically successful with that vehicle. It's very, very difficult in Europe with a car like that."

Unfortunately, we don't know what constitutes strong sales for the Stinger. Kia has sold over 11,000 Stingers in the US in 2018, which is a solid number. Selling a performance sedan like the Stinger in a market dominated by crossovers is not easy but we think the Stinger has performed admirably all things considered.

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Kia built a second generation version of its flagship K900 despite only selling 455 of them in the US in all of 2017. The Stinger is clearly a more viable product, so hopefully, it too will receive a second generation model. If you are intrigued by the Stinger and would like Kia to continue building it, go buy one. Don't wait to buy one used, or moan about how it doesn't come with a manual - just buy one. Kia won't make the second generation if all of its potential buyers just wait to buy one used. We don't want the Stinger to end up like the Chevy SS, so we issue this plea - please go buy one.