Could The Land Rover Defender Replacement Look Like This?


Artist envisions the new Landy doing all sorts of Landy things.

Land Rover is set to reveal the replacement to the beloved Defender by 2019 and boy, does that replacement have some large shoes to fill. The new model needs to uphold not only the legacy left by the Defender but its utilitarian prowess as well. So is the replacement up for it? Well yeah. We're pretty sure the engineers in Coventry can best something that was in essence designed a half century ago with the most recent refresh happening a quarter century ago. The real question is what would it look like?

A group of clever digital art and Land Rover enthusiasts took the DC100 concept introduced at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and put it in situations that a Defender would feel right at home in. War-zone, check. Riot, check. Absconding with the Queen and her Corgis in Wales, check. Basically doing what Defenders do, only with a bit of rhinoplasty. Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern has come out saying that the new Defender will bear little resemblance to the DC100, but playing with our imaginations is fun, and these renders are epic. Thanks to the gents over at CarWow for providing these images.

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