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Could The New Kia Ceed Be The Company's First True Hot Hatchback?

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Hopefully the US gets its own version of this car.

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show is just a few weeks away, but Kia didn't want to wait until then to give us a taste of what it will be bringing. That is why the company has released the first sketch of the 2018 Ceed hatchback. For those who live in the US, the Ceed runs on the same platform as the Forte, so this new car could end up coming to the US as a new Forte5. This is good news because from what we can tell, the new Ceed should be a fantastic looking hatchback. But will it be the true hot hatchback that Kia needs right now?

Based on the sketch, it appears that the new Ceed will draw inspiration from the stunning Proceed Shooting Brake Concept that was shown off at Frankfurt. Kia told AutoExpress that the five-door model will debut alongside "another member" of the Ceed family. This could end up just being the three-door version, but it could end up being a shooting brake like the concept car. Kia also said that the car will drop the controversial apostrophe from its name, so it will now be the Ceed instead of the Cee'd. Like the old model, the new Ceed will ride on the same platform as the Hyundai Veloster. This means that it should rely on the same 2.0-liter normally aspirated and 1.6-liter turbocharged engines.

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The bigger question is whether or not the Ceed will get the Veloster N's 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with up to 276 hp. We also wonder if the Ceed will return to the US as the Forte5. Kia has said that the recently revealed Forte would get a sportier version, but we wonder to what extent. The Veloster Turbo's 1.6-liter 201-hp engine would be nice, but we'd love to see a true hot hatchback to join the Stinger in Kia's sporty model range.