Could the Next Dodge Avenger Be RWD?

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At least anything would be better than the current car.

Let's just say that when Dodge announced that it would discontinue the Avenger in the coming months, no one was sad or disappointed. The car was really that unloved. Of course, Dodge really needs something to fill the Avenger's spot in the lineup and simply restyling the new Chrysler 200 is the easy way out. No, something better needs to be done, something more exciting. If a new rumor is to be believed, then Dodge may be onto something.


Several sources are claiming that an Avenger replacement could very well be built on a new Alfa Romeo-designed rear-wheel-drive platform. This is the same Alfa platform that will underpin the brand's upcoming sedan that'll also going to be sold in the US. So now this just begs the question: will Dodge end up becoming the so-called poor man's Alfa Romeo? Considering that Dodge is in desperate need for a new identity, this may just be the answer.

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