Could the Next Tesla Look Like This?


Tesla has announced that it plans to build an affordable EV that'll go on sale in four years. Perhaps it may look something like these rendered images.

Tesla has been in the news a lot lately and unlike other green-friendly automotive starts-ups like Fisker and Cobra, it's actually not having financial problems. Also, its new Model S doesn't suck. Aside from its stunning appearance inside and out, the Model S is very powerful and it's actually an EV we'd be willing to buy...if it cost less. Even with US tax credits, the damn thing still carries a base price over $50k, well into BMW 5 Series territory.

In light of this fact, Tesla recently declared its developing a new entry level model due for release in 2016. It will likely look tons better than the Nissan Leaf (as most all other cars do) and it'll start off at a more wallet friendly $30k. Theophilus Chin is also interested in Tesla's Leaf fighter as his latest renderings show what appears to be a smaller hatchback version of the Model S. It actually looks pretty good but we'd like to see Tesla take its styling even further. Remember, this is the model that will make Teslas affordable, so it should look absolutely stunning.

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