Could The QX30 Concept Be Just What Infiniti Needs?

Eh, screw it. Just build the damn Q50 Eau Rouge already.

Small crossovers are hot right now. In case you haven’t noticed, automakers left and right are rushing to build their own. Premium small crossovers are especially profitable for these brands, and now Infiniti is joining the club. Presenting the QX30 Concept, which will be making its world debut at Geneva in a couple of weeks. Only a single rear three-quarters image of the concept has been revealed so far, but Infiniti has released a number of details.

It’s basically an update of the Q30 Concept shown at Frankfurt back in 2013, only now it’s been given new styling inside and out. The exterior lines in particular look very nice and streamlined. Compared to the previous concept, ride height has been boosted by 1.2 inches but the overall dimensions don’t seem to appear all that different. The 21-inch wheels look quite sporty. Also not pictured is the new glass roof feature. We’ll have complete details in the very near future.

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