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Could The Struggling Mercedes SL Be Revitalized As An Electric Roadster?

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This could give the SL the new lease of life it sorely needs.

At long last, Mercedes is joining Volkswagen and Audi in the fight against Tesla with its upcoming EQ range of electric vehicles. A few months ago, the automaker lifted the wraps off the production EQC, an all-electric SUV with 402 horsepower and an estimated range of over 200 miles.

In a few years, it will be joined by the EQS, an all-electric sedan rivalling the next-generation Audi A8 and Jaguar's upcoming electric XJ, and an electric EQA hatchback. So far, however, Mercedes hasn't announced plans to produce a flagship two-door electric roadster. That's where the Mercedes-AMG EQSL proposed by artist Jan Peisert could fill the void.

The render blends design cues from the EQC and SL roadster, and while the result admittedly isn't the sleekest-looking design, an all-electric Mercedes-Benz SL roadster isn't inconceivable. Sales of the Mercedes SL have fallen significantly in recent years, so a flagship electric EQ model could help revitalize the roadster.

AMG is also interested in producing some high-performance electric versions of existing models to join the EQ family, so it could potentially make a fully electric variant of the SL in the future. The high-performance division is also considering a standalone electric supercar as a spiritual successor to the SLS Electric Drive.

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Despite its slow sales, Mercedes has already confirmed a next-generation SL is coming, and it could share a lot with the AMG GT. Reports suggest the new SL will be much lighter than its predecessor thanks to a new aluminum platform, adopt a 2+2 seat layout, and ditch its heavy folding metal roof in favor of a fabric top when it launches in 2020.