Could The Stunning Kia GT4 Stinger Concept Return As An EV Halo Model?


We certainly wouldn't have any objections.

It was back in 2014 when Kia shocked us all with its gorgeous and highly desirable GT4 Stinger concept. The orange coupe was exactly what we hoped the Korean automaker would build and considering the Stinger GT four-door coupe made it to production, we figured there was a chance the coupe would as well. Apparently, that won't be happening after all. In fact, it sounds like Kia is finished with coupes entirely. Car Advice recently spoke with Kia and Hyundai design chief Peter Schreyer who all but confirmed coupes are no longer a valid business case, in the conventional sense.


"I don't know if a performance coupe is something that is (good)… we have Stinger, which is a four-door coupe… I don't know if a two-door really makes sense. It may make sense if it were an EV, an emotional electric car," Schreyer said. An electrified two-door coupe? Okay, now that sounds interesting. "We still can be very emotional, but a performance coupe, I'm not sure if it's at this time the right thing to do. If we would make Stinger with two doors, it would be easy, but how much market share would it have? That's the question." But if there's any mainstream automaker out there today willing to take a chance it's Kia. For example, it debuted its Europe-only ProCeed Shooting Brake last week at Paris, a body design that's definitely not conventional these days.

Although it won't make its way to US shores, the new ProCeed Shooting Brake is something we honestly can't see some of Kia's competitors making an attempt to replicate, at least not yet. Under Schreyer's watch, Kia and Hyundai have become a global design powerhouse and the results speak for themselves. Given that new electrified vehicles are launching left and right, it wouldn't be at all surprising for Kia to do a halo model. Remember, it already has the all-electric powertrain technology, now available on the Hyundai Kona EV. Imagine that tech fused with a stunning coupe, say an update of the Stinger GT4 concept. We'd be so up for that.


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