Could the Volvo be Prepping a 7 Series Rival?

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We've heard this rumor time and again, and now it's back in the news.

Ever since Volvo was sold by Ford to Chinese automaker Geely, the latter was keen on turning the Swedish brand into a German luxury fighter on par with the likes of BMW. But experienced Volvo executives have repeatedly stated that this would be a bad idea simply because Volvo appeals to a different type of premium car buyer. The bottom line was that it'd be nearly impossible for Volvo to play catch up to the many years of German luxury car building expertise.


Times change, however, and now that that gorgeous new Volvo Concept Coupe just had its debut at Frankfurt last week, there's already talk about stretching it into a sedan. The original idea was to turn it into the next-generation S80 sedan, but Geely chairman Li Shufu wants something even more luxurious, something he calls the S100. And yes, it would also rival cars like the Audi A8 as well as the 7 Series. The Geely chairman wants a new model to also appeal to wealthy Chinese buyers who love big luxury sedans. But as usual, experienced Volvo execs aren't fans of this approach. So who will win this ongoing debate? We'll know in the next couple of years.

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