Could This 1,600 HP Roadster Kill The New Bugatti Chiron?

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Heck, it's got a boat engine.

The Packard Royal Streamliner is a one-off custom built roadster that is powered by a V-12 Packard Royal Streamliner engine formerly used in a WWII era Patrol Torpedo Boat. You read that right. It utilizes an insane boat engine from the 1940s as its powerbase. The old school V-12 is capable of pumping out an astounding 1,600 horsepower and 3,000 ft-lb of torque. Just to keep things in perspective, that's almost the same amount of hp that Bugatti's upcoming Chiron is supposed to be capable of producing.

Another thing the Streamliner has in common with any Bugatti is the price. The customer Roadster costs a cool $1,750,000. However, the potential owner certainly gets a lot for their money. Not only is it totally unique, but in order to make the massive boat engine operable, the vehicle had to be fitted with two transmissions and two drive-lines. The Streamliner is also as big as it looks, weighing a whopping 13,200 lbs and at nearly 32 feet long dwarfs everything else on the road. It also features a hand-formed aluminum and brass body. Clearly this thing is totally original, insanely powerful, and as heavy as a boat. For this last reason we doubt it could kill the new Chiron, but given the option, which one would you buy?

Dan MacMedan USA TODAY
Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY
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