Could This Be Next Great Ferrari Hypercar?

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Not that we're already looking forward to the LaFerrari successor.

Ferrari is already laying the groundwork for its next great hypercar. The successor to the LaFerrari is still almost a decade out, but the Italian carmaker spends years beforehand conceptualizing the possibilities. What new technologies might become available? What were the LaFerrari's strengths and weaknesses? And perhaps, most importantly, what will future competition be like? Remember, the Bugatti Chiron is coming in only a few months' time. Perhaps these renderings of the next Ferrari hypercar offer up some early clues.

Created by 22-year-old designer Aritra Das, this hypothetical Ferrari hypercar, called the Zenyatta, is powered by a bi-turbo gasoline engine paired to a couple of electric motors for a combined output of over 1,400 hp. It would also feature the next generation of Ferrari's celebrated F1-derived energy regenerative system. Whether the LaFerrari successor looks anything like this or not, we're sure Ferrari will once again create something incredible. All renderings courtesy of Aritra Das.

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