Spy Video

Could This Be Our First Look At The Ferrari F12 Speciale In Action?

Or did Ferrari camouflage a normal F12 for fun?

Recently, the internet went nuts over what appeared to be the Ferrari F12 Speciale. (Okay, so just the part concerned with cars went nuts.) What looked to be a special edition of the F12 was spotted outside the company’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy. Now we have this spy video, presumably shot outside of Ferrari’s HQ, of a camouflaged F12 running around. The car is on surface streets so it doesn’t go nuts, but you can hear it roar as the accelerator is slammed once or twice. Could this be the F12 Speciale?

We won’t know until more photos, video or info leaks. What we do know is that we love how Ferrari eschewed complex car camouflage in favor of making whatever this is look like a crappily wrapped Christmas present.

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