Could This Be The Missing Mustang Steve McQueen Drove In Bullitt?

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And found in Mexico, of all places.

It all started back in 1968 when Warner Brothers studios bought two '68 Mustang GT fastbacks painted Highland Green and powered by 390 V8s. The reason for the purchases was for a movie called "Bullitt," starring the one and only Steve McQueen, in case you needed reminding. Anyway, one of the Mustangs was used for close-up shots and driving around on the set, while the other was for stunts, outfitted with roll cages and a beefier suspension, among other things.

It turns that once filming was completed, the on-set Mustang was sold and entered someone's private collection somewhere in the US, supposedly in Kentucky. That's been known for years, and McQueen himself wrote to its owner in 1977 asking to buy it back for personal reasons. But what happened to the second one, which many claim was sent to the crusher, has remained a mystery. That is, until now. According to a member of the Vintage Mustang Forum, that stunt Bullitt Mustang has been found in Mexico after a decades-long disappearance. He says it was about to be turned into an Eleanor, which would have totally ruined the car and its history for the required exterior modifications.

As luck would have it though, its current owner did some research before getting started and discovered the VIN matched one of the two movie cars. From the posted forum pictures, it looks like its bones are in relatively good shape, although there's a weird hole in the trunk and a vent on the driver's side wheel well. It'd be a good guess that both abnormalities exist due to required stunt car modifications of some sort. Forum members are already claiming this is the real deal, as someone already knew the VINs for each one and has confirmed the match. Before its trip south of the border, this Mustang was in Baja, California, near Los Cabos, criminally rotting away.

It somehow ended up in a Mexican garage/restoration shop, and it was this owner who made the discovery. He now claims that he wants to send it back to the US for a proper (non-Eleanor) restoration. Before that happens, the idea is to display it at a local Ford dealership for a day-long going away party. Obviously we'll keep everyone updated regarding this story's developments, but man, how cool is this? Such a shame Steve McQueen himself is no longer around to know about it.

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