Could This Be the Next Generation Citroen C4 Picasso?

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Citroen is busy prepping their next C4 Picasso. Or is this another Chinese lookalike?

These latest pictures from our ever dutiful spy photographers were taken in northern Sweden in an area where Citroen likes to test prototypes. The new C4 Picasso should be out testing given that the current generation is six years old and will likely be replaced soon, especially considering that the new C4 came out almost two years ago. Details are scarce, but Citroens typically have those side windows behind the A-pillars (see today's C4 Picasso as an example).

We can also see that the rear view mirrors and the rims have some design traits from the DS4. If anyone is thinking that the design looks too "normal" to be a Citroen, then they should remember that the C-models, such as the C3 and C4, are being given a more conventional look, while the DS-models are the ones with a sleeker appearance. But it could also be something completely different. In the same test facility where Citroen is at, Chinese brand Qoros Auto is testing some new models of their own. Qoros is a young car company co-owned by Chinese Chery Automobile and Israeli Israel Corporation.

It is not easy to find a lot of information about Qoros, but we know that they plan to launch three different models with the goal to establish the brand in Europe. It's possible that one of those models could be this one to see how it withstands the Swedish winter. Our bet is still on the Citroen.

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