Could This Be The Ultimate Ferrari V12 That's Not A Hybrid?

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The clock is ticking...

Things are changing at Ferrari and not everyone will agree for the better. On the one hand, the iconic supercar brand is stronger than ever financially and in regards to the awesome cars it builds. However, turbocharging and hybrid power are taking the place of the naturally aspirated V8 and V12, respectively. And, as a previous rumor claimed, it appears the ultimate F12 Berlinetta is coming to Frankfurt this September. Let's call it the F12 GTO, until we hear otherwise from Ferrari.

In any case, has just posted what appears to be a couple of leaked images of the F12 GTO taken from a private Ferrari configurator. It'll supposedly pack around 800 hp from the same 6.3-liter V12. Weight will also be down, supposedly by around 220 lbs. or so. Rumor also has it that just 650 units are planned.

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