Could This Be The Way To Save The Small German Sports Coupe?

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Better having something than absolutely nothing.

BMW has been pretty vocal lately about how it believes the future of sports cars isn't looking too good. This is all in the context of a Z4 replacement, and perhaps that's why it's teamed up with Toyota, in order to save money, to co-develop the next gen Z4 along with a new Supra. But perhaps the sports car isn't dead; it just needs to be better adapted to the times. Point being, sporty coupes like the Audi TT and BMW 2 Series could provide the most ideal balance between a sports car and something profitable.

According to Autocar, Mercedes-Benz is also now planning a new entry-level coupe that could arrive by 2019, and it could also serve as a replacement for the current A-Class. It would be built on an updated front-wheel-drive platform, but all-wheel drive could be an option. What's more, it'll be given the full AMG treatment. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing up to 400 hp is being considered combined with AWD. Sounds just fine to us and it'd definitely be a true TT RS and M2 fighter. Bottom line: perhaps the 2+2 coupe, instead of a two-seater, with a high-performance version as a range topper is the key to preserving the German sports car. We could live with that, but what are your thoughts?

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