Could This Mystery Ferrari Be The 700-HP 488 GTO

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And does it boast hybrid tech?

Straight from the Nurburgring (or rather the surround roads, not the track itself) comes this spy video, taken by Automotive Mike, of could very well be a prototype for the upcoming Ferrari 488 GTO. Rumored to make 700 hp (whereas the 488 GTB makes 660 hp), this hardcore version of Ferrari's mid-engined twin-turbo V8 supercar could very well also be packing a surprise: a KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). In other words, a hybrid Ferrari of sorts. This really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne already indicated that post-2019, all Ferraris will come with some form of hybrid propulsion for the sole purpose of increasing performance. Considering the 488 GTO (or whatever its official name will be) isn't due to go on sale until early 2019, hybrid tech seems all but certain.

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Question is whether it'll be KERS or something else. Our money is on KERS because this system would be used to create additional power; don't expect the 488 GTO to be capable of running on electric power only, even for a limited time. This camo-ed prototype is clearly a 488, but there are differences compared to the production 488 GTB. Notice the extra intakes at the front corners and wider openings out back, both indicators engineers want additional cool air entering the hot twin-turbo V8. Although we can't tell from this video, the 488 GTO will also be lighter compared to the 488 GTB. If all goes to plan, we could see the 488 GTO debut as early as next March at Geneva.

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