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Could this Really be the Mercedes G-Wagon’s Future?


Rendering shrinks and modernizes the timeless, massive G Class into yet another SUV.

The epic Mercedes-Benz G Wagon has been around for decades, ever since it proudly strutted with its Geländewagen moniker. The G Class was never apologetic for its colossal proportions, poor gas mileage and mammoth power – with even the base model making 382 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque and the G63 AMG upping those numbers to a whopping 544 and 560. But in these days of downsizing and conservation, could this conspicuous consumption continue?

Offering a glimpse into an imagined future, where even the Germans would be forced to downsize and cutback on emissions for their power-luxury-utility vehicle, a site called Mercedes Fans is offering this look into what a future Mini-G-Class could look like. While it looks nothing like the descendant of the epic G, it does appear to be a possible replacement for the GL Class, or maybe a completely new model line that would offer some of the G’s heritage in a bite-sized package.

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