Could This Rendered Fiat Abarth Roadster Actually Come True?


According to the latest reports, yes.

A new era for simple and fun-to-drive roadsters could soon be upon us. First up is the all-new Mazda MX-5 Miata. For years it's been the dominant (and really only) roadster mass produced. Then we got wind that Alfa Romeo planned to utilize the new MX-5's platform for a reborn Spider. Obviously we were thrilled by that news. But several months ago the project was kind of sort of called off. Alfa instead will build a new Spider on its own unique platform. And then the news got even better.

Turns out that Fiat is the chosen brand for the MX-5 architecture, in the form of a new Fiat-Abarth roadster. As of now, we really don't much to go on in terms of an official launch date, but it seem that Fiat is dead serious to move ahead here. And now rendering artist Theophilus Chin has come up with an image of what this Fiat-Abarth roadster could look like. Yes, it's pretty much a rebadged MX-5, but it's clear there's huge potential here. Just do it right Fiat, please.

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